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Love at First Feel!

We believe the neck is the most important part of a guitar or bass. As such, we ensure that we use the absolute highest quality necks available for each project's unique budget.

Custom Shop builds' necks are made by our friends at Musikraft, Warmoth, BestGuitarParts, BYOGuitar or a few other small shops and builders in the United States and Canada, depending on who is the best fit for the job.

Texas Classics feature pre-made necks reshaped and refinished by us, manufactured by Brands like Allparts, Hoodoo, Mighty Mite, and other small shops in Japan, China, or Indonesia. These necks still get the exact same treatment given to a custom made neck (custom finish, headstock shapes, rolled fingerboard edges, etc.) but at a lower price point.

We know that a neck can make or break a great guitar, so rest assured this piece of the puzzle is given the highest regard in our shop. Our goal is for you to fall in love at first feel!

Bring Your Own Neck

Already have a perfect neck (or any other parts) you'd like to use for your build? No Problem! Just let us know you plan to send in your own neck when requesting a quote for your build. We will subtract the neck from the parts/materials cost and adjust your quote accordingly!

Neck Finishes

We offer a variety of neck finishes for your project, and are always willing to try out something new! We like to go outside the norm of typical amber neck finishes (though we can certainly do that too!) and offer bursts, gradients, all degrees of aging, and even color-matching to your guitar body! We have included our most popular options here, but don't hesitate to ask if you have an idea you don't see listed here. Chances are we can do whatever you have in mind!


Amber (light, medium, dark)

Burst Finishes

 Request a Quote

Ready to place your order and make your dream guitar a reality? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP with any follow up questions we may have and/or a personalized quote!

Thank you for your interest! Please be sure you have read the FAQ/Read Me Page before finalizing your order!

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