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Custom paint jobs & guitar builds can be very time consuming & tedious projects to undertake, and at times unsuspected issues can arise during the refinishing or building process that can cause delays, which in turn affects the turnaround time. While I strive to complete projects in the amount of time quoted (and many times the guitar is completed before the quoted time) it cannot be guaranteed. Weather can also play a huge factor in turnaround time as I do not paint if the humidity is too high, its below freezing temperatures, etc.


There will be no refunds given on paint projects or custom builds because the original quoted turnaround time has passed, as many times I have already purchased the materials, paint, wood, etc and began working on the project. If you choose to have me send your guitar back incomplete, there will not be a full or partial refund. Please take this into consideration before sending your guitar in for paint work or placing an order for a custom build, etc. By sending your guitar to us for work or by ordering a custom guitar, body, neck etc. from us, you indicate that you accept these terms & conditions.

Setups are always subjective, my idea of a good setup may differ greatly from yours. Unless you give specific setup instructions, I will set your guitar up how it feels best to me. No refunds will be given for setups due to the remote nature of my shop, and my inability to guarantee your satisfaction with my work due to shipping, climate changes, and general lack of customer input/feedback available while I'm setting up the guitar.

I give my word to never stop working until you are satisfied and loving your guitar. If you receive your guitar back and are not happy about the end result for any reason, please contact me and I will do whatever I can to resolve any issue. Your satisfaction is my goal!

Turnaround Times

Turnaround time for refinishing/finishing projects is typically around 1-2 months upon receipt of the instrument on most projects, depending on the type of finish and the complexity of the project.

Turnaround times for custom builds are typically around 2-4 months, however certain projects with more custom parts/pieces may take longer

Note: Sparkle finishes take up to 1-3 months extra due to the higher number of clear coats needed to build up an even glossy finish over the flakes.

In the case of any delays arising, you will be notified to the best of my ability via email or phone and given an updated timeframe of completion. Please be aware that due to volume of work, lead times can lag and updates can be harder for me to give. Rest assured your project will be completed as quickly as my abilities and time allow.


NOTE: I am unable to offer any refunds or partial refunds due to projects passing their projected completion date. By confirming your order with us, you indicate that you agree to these terms.

Nitro vs. Poly, whats the difference?

Nitrocellulose Lacquer was the first commercial automotive lacquer ever created, which companies like Fender and Gibson used in the '50s and '60s. It is thin & resonant, and also lends to some very cool aging/relicing results. Nitro will age, yellow, and wear much quicker than polyurethane, making it ideal for relic guitars. With a few secret techniques, finish checking can be achieved on even the newest nitro finish that instantly evokes visions of golden-age instruments. This is the ideal option for those chasing vintage mojo or an instrument that will "break-in" relatively quickly. Nitro is a thin, fragile finish and is NOT recommended for those who want a clean, pristine finish that will continue to look that way for decades.

Polyurethane is a harder modern alternative to lacquer praised for its quick dry time and hardness. It is UV resistant and thus will not fade or yellow as much as nitro over time, as well as being resistant to checking and scratches while still allowing nice resonance when sprayed thin. Poly is the go-to when you want a clean shiny finish that will stay that way for years to come with proper care. I spray my poly finishes very thin to mimic a nitro finish, this prevents the poly from "killing tone" as so many often think it does.

How do I place an order?

If you are interested in finishing services for your project, a full custom built guitar, or anything in between, simply fill out one of the forms on the Custom Builds or Finishing/Paint Work pages requesting a quote. Be sure to be descriptive of what you want and send pictures for reference if at all possible. This will ensure my vision and yours are as close as possible! Note prices may vary slightly based on requirements of each job.

Visit the "Custom Builds" page for available designs and more info about commissioning a fully finished instrument, complete with nitro or poly finish of your choice, customizable specs/options, and shapes/designs not found anywhere else. I also offer "budget" level builds using Squier-level or similarly affordable parts, or will even assemble and set up your parts-caster from parts sent to me. Email me for details and build quotes!

How is payment handled?

We send itemized invoices for all work via PayPal to your email address; no Paypal account is required and you can check out like a normal online shop.


For custom finishing orders, I require the total amount to be paid in full before starting. 

For custom guitar build projects, a deposit of up to 66% is required up front, with the remainder invoiced on completion.


Estimated shipping costs will be added to your invoice, but we may reach out for further payment at time of shipping if the cost exceeds our estimate.

How is Shipping handled?

All guitars are shipped safely in guitar boxes with factory level packing via UPS, Fedex, or USPS, depending who will be fastest/cheapest, though typically UPS is my go-to due to their smooth track record (in my experience) and insurance services.


Most guitars ship anywhere in the US for around $60 or less and boxes can often be acquired at local music stores. Bodies typically run around $25-40 and necks are typically around $20-30. If you need any assistance shipping your favorite guitar to me for some custom work, don't hesitate to reach out and I would be happy to assist in making the shipping process as painless and cheap as possible!

International shipping is also available!



email me at for more information or answers to any questions not found here!

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