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We offer thousands of Solid, Metallic, Pearl, Transparent, and Sparkle colors. If you've seen it sprayed on a guitar or a car, chances are we can spray it on your guitar! We use a database of thousands of automotive paint codes in addition to a few bespoke custom paint shops to give us one of the widest selections of colors available anywhere. We can even custom mix colors for you or match paint to panels/swatches sent to us.


Because there are so many colors available, it is pretty much impossible to list them all on this page. We will focus more on showing the most popularly requested colors in their "standard" shades here. But keep in mind that multiple versions are available for EVERY color and each mix can be tweaked to your liking for a small upcharge.

Relic Levels
More examples of each Relic Level can be found HERE

 Get a Finish Quote

Request a customized quote for your unique finishing project. Please be as descriptive as possible to ensure we can accurately create the vision in your head!

Thanks for your interest! Please be sure you have read the FAQ/Read Me Page before finalizing your order!

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